TSL Examples

TSL Examples are also available sequentially in the full TSL documentation (pdf)

  1. A simplified first visit for a planet program.
  2. Subsequent visits for a planet search program.
  3. Specifying targets with TRACK/TRACK_LIST and ACTION/ACTION LIST
    • Example 3a - Single target with GASCELL in and GASCELL out exposures
    • Example 3b - Two exposures in a single TRACK
    • Example 3c - Multiple tracks, multiple actions per track
    • Example 3d - Multiple sets of multiple tracks, with multiple actions per track

  4. Non-standard calibration requests
    • Example 4a - Explicit keyword STDCALS, Th-Ar lamps (THAR), flat field (FF)
    • Example 4b - Calibration frame within a TRACK
    • Example 4c - Add a radial velocity (RV) standard of 2 or better at end of any night with specified target
    • Example 4d - EXTRACALS keyword
    • Example 4e - Specify number and exposure time of end-of-night calibration frames
    • Example 4f - EXTRACALS for each target
    • Example 4g - Leave EXTRACALS exposure time to RA discretion

  5. Observations with two instruments in a single track
  6. Request a specific standard star be observed on the same night as the primary science target
    • Example 6a - Using a GROUP block of type AND
    • Example 6b - Standard immediately follows primary target - a GROUP block of type SEQ
    • Example 6c - Multiple targets matched to specific standards on the same night - a GROUP block of type AND
    • Example 6d - Multiple targets with associated callibrations immediately following primary targets - GROUP block of type SEQ
    • Example 6e - Add a standard on the same night, as multiple targets with associated callibrations in sequence
    • Example 6f - Order tracks possibly observed on different nights - GROUP block of type ORD
    • Example 6g - Conveniently add GROUP specifications to a TRACK_LIST

  7. Specify a list of 10 targets from which 3 need to be completed
  8. Provide a S/N goal, with a baseline exposure time
  9. Non-standard instrument configurations for special cases
  10. Specifiy a URL for a web-accessible finder chart (shared risk)

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